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Summit Worship in Prince Edward Island, Canada

In June 2023, the worship team from Summit traveled to Prince Edward Island, Canada to participate in a conference titled, "Four Nights of Hope". Held in a local playhouse, the event included local musicians, worship teams, and messages of encouragement from Pastor Carter Conlon, General Overseer of TSC, and Dr. Teresa Conlon, president of Summit.

"It was quite the experience, being outside of a traditional church setting," said Ben Hughes, Summit's music director who shared and sang original music the first night. "People seemed to really connect with the message of hope found in Jesus which made the trip so worthwhile."

Over the course of four nights, pastor Carter and Teresa Conlon both shared powerful messages of hope in Christ. "I feel the Lord wants to bring hope and revival to this part of the country," Pastor Carter shared. "For so many years there has been a resistance to the gospel in these areas, but you are starting to see churches filling up and young people wanting to know the truth. What a privilege to be able to be invited here to share the hope found in Jesus Christ. I am grateful to the Summit worship team for joining us. There was a moment during the last night when you could feel the presence of God so tangibly in the room. It's not a show with this worship team; it's such a blessing to see the next generation giving their talents to the Lord. Young people came to the altar and I know they were touched by God."

As the music program at Summit continues to develop, we look forward to more opportunities like these. Traveling, creating memories, and seeing new places and cultures is an experience the team will never forget! Tori Phillips, Summit alumni, agrees. "This trip has left a lasting impact on my life, my spiritual walk, and how I minister to those in need of Jesus."


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