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Congratulations Summit Class of 2024

Another year has flown by, and once again we've had the privileged of celebrating a Summit graduating class. This 2024 class was truly exceptional, marked by a desire to pray for their generation and a beautiful love for music. As we watch them embark on the next chapter of their lives, our hearts were filled with both joy and a tinge of sadness, knowing we'll miss their daily presence; however, we eagerly anticipating the extraordinary paths that lie ahead of them!

This class has truly epitomized love and care for one another. Pastor Carter Conlon urged the graduates to cherish the friendships forged during their time at Summit. He spoke to their future selves, encouraging them that though they are leaving Summit's gates with much zeal, there may be a day for some where they hit a season of discouragement or frustration. It could be years down the road, it could be decades from now, but he encouraged them to remember his words. He spoke of his own journey, remembering a time when he cried out to the Lord when he came to a season where his own strength and confidence failed. In those times, he heard the gentle whisper of the Lord, asking, "Can you do it one more day?" Each day for months he felt the Lord ask him the same question. That season made him realized that it is the strength and faithfulness of Christ that sustains him, not his own zeal. He implored the graduates to forsake reliance on themselves in exchange for all that God has for them. "By the grace of God you will stand in the power of God! Build your futures, and fight the battles that God places before you, but remember it is Him that wins your victories! When we get to the end we will say, only Jesus could have done this in my life!"

The light, life, and laughter on the faces of graduates, their families, and loved ones was a beautiful reminder of why Summit exists, and why we do what we do. We will miss seeing their faces every day, but we will always be family - we can't wait to see how they thrive in the years ahead! Congratulations to each one!


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