Why Summit?

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Summit International School of Ministry exists to train men and women for ministry through a transformative relationship with Jesus Christ. At Summit we define ministry as living for the benefit of others. Our hope is to influence a generation that is inspired to give back, a generation trained, transformed and equipped to make disciples for Jesus Christ.

Trained & Transformed

Our unique two-year program blends spiritual formation, classroom learning and hands-on ministry training. Our classes teach you to think biblically and understand the reasons for what you believe. Hands-on ministry training gives you the practical tools to make a difference in whatever vocation you feel called to.



Ministry is learning to live for the benefit of others and we have seen the power of this truth transform lives. It's not a title but a lifestyle.
Dr. Teresa Conlon, President (DD h.c.)




Nations represented in our diverse student body


Acres of beautiful campus, located along the picturesque Blue Mountains in Pennsylvania



College partnerships for continued education



of Summit students receive scholarships