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Tuition & Fees



Housing at Summit includes dormitory accommodations with shared lounge/living room space, laundry facilities and bathrooms.

A limited number of alternative on-campus accommodations are available for married/sabbatical students. Alternative housing costs vary and may adjust the cost of room and board. Contact the admissions department for details.

Room &



Registration, Ministry Fee, Facilities and Equipment, Technology, Library and Student Life Fees.

Annual Dorm Fee

Annual Fees



Total cost will vary by applicant. For example, international students pay an additional $125 for their 1-20 processing fee. Married students or non-traditional students may have higher housing costs if they do not live in the dorms. Tuition and associated costs are subject to change.




Application Fee: $25
Your application fee is paid when you submit your online application for admission to Summit.

Confirmation Fee: $100
Your confirmation fee is paid after you are accepted to Summit, to confirm that you are planning on attending and to hold your spot.

One Time



Graduation Fee: $165
Payable Senior Year

1-20 Processing Fee: $125
International Students Only

Textbooks and Materials: Approximately $150

Parking Permit: $75 / semester
Simultaneous Enrollment Application Fee: $35



Scholarship Awards

Summit has a generous scholarship program offered to eligible students to help cover the cost of tuition and living expenses. 

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