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Applying to Summit 

We are excited that you are considering Summit! The steps below will guide you through each part of our admissions process. If you have any questions you can email our admissions team or request a virtual meet-up.
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how to apply

The majority of students enroll in Summit's two-year traditional option - our core program which offers the benefit of a full Summit experience. Summit offers two additional programs which are available to a select number of applicants.  Students who attend Summit agree with our statement of faith and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

Traditional Requirements 

Summit's two-year Traditional program, our core program and most popular option,  is open to students ages 17-35. 

Seats are open to both US residents and international applicants. International students interested in the traditional program are required to have an F1 Student Visa. 

Sabbatical Requirements 

Summit Sabbatical is an 8-month course of study, tailored to adult learners. Sabbatical seats are open to US residents and limited to 8-12 students per year. Read more about Summit Sabbatical here.

Female Student

Gap Year Requirements

High School Gap Year is an 8-month program for recent high school graduates that want to learn to defend their faith in a college setting. Read more about our Gap Year program here.  


What you will need:

Complete Online Application

- Name, Birthdate, Address, Basic Contact Information

- Picture of Yourself

- Church Information

- Education Information

- Work History

- Health Information

- Financial Information

- Essay Responses

- Reference Forms

- Official Transcript from Last School Attended

- $25 Application Fee

To apply for the upcoming fall semester, applications are due August 10 for US applicants and June 1 for international applicants. Applications received after these dates will be considered for enrollment the next academic year. 


Application Process

Once your online application has been completed, the wait begins! You should receive a response from the admissions committee within 2-3 weeks from the time your application was submitted.



Congratulations! Once you receive your acceptance letter, you will be asked to pay a $100 confirmation fee to hold your spot. 

Confirm Acceptance


Enrollment Documents

Before arriving on campus, you will be asked to submit the following:

  1. Physical Examination Report: send this link below to the physician performing the exam and filling out the form (the report should include a TB Test screening within the last year).

  2. Immunization Records: submit a copy of your immunization records (2 MMR and 3 Hepatitis B vaccinations required).

We strongly recommend having health insurance coverage prior to attending Summit. Out of pocket costs for emergency or other health-related issues can become very costly to you and/or your family without it.


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