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The mission of Summit’s Alumni Association is to foster lifelong support for the school’s vision and mission through alumni initiatives, activities, and events for its alumni and future alumni.

Dear Alumni, 

Welcome to the Summit Alumni Association, serving over 900 alumni in over 30 nations worldwide! No matter how long it has been since you’ve graduated, we would love to stay connected! Let us know how you are doing and how we can stay in touch. 

The goal of the alumni association is to keep you connected with each other, informed about what’s happening on campus, and above all, encouraged in your calling. 

Drop us a note anytime to Look forward to hearing from you! 

Summit Marketplace

The Summit Ministry and Career Marketplace is an online tool that provides opportunities for students and alumni.


Vocational skill training and hands on experience in a church or ministry setting.

Ministry Volunteer Opportunities:

Serving opportunities, short term or long term, for those who want to help in various logistical or ministry related programs and activities. This might include things like serving alongside church plants, mission trips/work, summer camp programs, retreats, conferences, etc.

Part/Full Time-Time Jobs:

Paid positions made available to Summit students and alumni from various ministries or organizations that have positions they are looking to fill.

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