"We believe learning is a means of spiritual empowerment. That’s why the aim of our curriculum is to unite doctrinal precision with spiritual passion, molding our students into worshipers who live to proclaim the beauty of Jesus.”
- Nik Godshall, Dean of Academics

Academic Calendar

2021 Spring Semester 

Jan 9

Jan 11

Apr 25

Apr 30-May 1

May 3-6

May 8

Students Return

Classes Begin

Baccalaureate Sunday

Final Exams

Closing Week


Ceremony begins at 1PM followed by a light outdoor reception

2021 Fall Semester 

Aug 29

Aug 30-31

Sep 1

Nov 23-28

Dec 16-Jan 4

Students Arrive

Student Orientation

Classes Begin

Thanksgiving Break

Christmas Break


Academic Support

Writing Center:

The Writing Center is for use by students that would like help during any stage of the writing process. Our tutors can help with brainstorming, drafting, revising, researching, and more. 

Tutoring Hub:

Our peer tutors are here to help students improve their learning strategies and gain more understanding of subject areas in which they may be struggling or desire to develop. To help students excel and accomplish their academic goals while at Summit, we assist with things like  assignments, exam preparation, and time management skills.