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Financial Policy

Summit International School of Ministry, Inc. (“Summit”) is a non-accredited 2-year School of Ministry.

Summit does not participate in State or Federal Financial Aid programs or Federal Student Loans and therefore is not required and does not issue Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement, for tuition paid in any given year. However, in addition to the automatic reduction in tuition rate given to every student, Summit has two options to assist students and their families with financing while the student is enrolled. These options include:

· Payment plans 

· Scholarships

By accepting admission to attend Summit, the student and or their guarantor(s) are accepting full responsibility for the payment of all tuition and all other related fees when due.


All tuition and school fees must be paid, or payment arrangements made, before students can register for and attend classes and enter the dormitory. Payments can be conveniently made by cash, check, money order, or online via credit card at If writing a check, please make sure student’s name is included in the memo line.


Please make checks payable to Summit and mail to the address below:

Summit International School of Ministry

Attn: Finance Office

74 Harrison School Road

Grantville, PA 17028

All debit/credit card payments will be charged a processing fee on each transaction amount.

If a student arrives on Summit’s campus on registration day and has not already paid the required fees, the student will be directed to the Finance Department to pay. If the student is unable to pay the required fees, or make payment arrangements, the student will not be considered enrolled for the semester and will not be permitted to attend class or move into the dormitories.


Each semester must be paid in full before a student can be permitted to enroll into the next semester.


Failure to pay tuition or other associated school costs on time may deter the student from participating in school events or activities including but not limited to Graduation and/or Summit Internship Positions. Repeated non-payment may result in dismissal from Summit and future withholding of transcripts or diploma.


Summit works with each student on an individualized basis to make the payment process as simple as possible and ensure that each student has a chance to reap the benefits of a full Summit experience. To help ease the financial burden, a Payment Plan is available to students upon request via cash, check or debit/credit card. Completion of a Recurring Payment Plan Form is required which can be obtained by contacting the Finance Office.

If the student is approved for a Payment Plan, the first payment is due before arrival day. If this first payment is not paid on or by arrival day, the student will not be considered enrolled for the semester and will not be permitted to attend class or move into the dormitories.

Payments will be due by the 10th of each month (October through April) and if payment is not received by the 10th of the month, a late fee of $35 will be assessed. Students will be charged a $35 NSF fee for any returned/declined payments.


There are several scholarships available to students. Please visit Summit’s website ( which lists the criteria for each scholarship.

The awarded scholarship is credited to the student’s account per semester. If the student does not maintain the required criteria for the scholarship, the scholarship may be revoked and may not be awarded for the following semester.

Please note that a scholarship application must be submitted with required supporting financial documentation before the Scholarship Committee will review the application.


All student payments for school fees are recorded into our school management system called QuickSchools. Each payment is credited to the student’s account. Receipts of payment and financial statements are available through each student’s QuickSchools account.

If students have questions regarding their tuition balance or financial statements, they can contact the Finance Department.


A student who withdraws from Summit or is released by the school within the 1st month will be refunded 50% of the room and board fees.

The following fees are non-refundable: initial dorm/housing fee, tuition, registration, student life, technology-library, ministry, facilities and equipment, and LBC enrollment.

A student who withdraws from school or is released by the school in the 2nd month will be refunded 25% of the room and board fees. Any refund will be issued to the Payor of the fees upon notification of their withdrawal to the finance office and will be disbursed within two weeks of receiving all withdrawal information.

There will be no refund given after the second month of enrollment.


There is an annual dorm/housing fee due on or before fall registration. This fee is for cleaning, repairs and any damage incurred. Dorm rooms will be checked at the end of each semester for damages and additional fees may be incurred if cost of damages exceeds the dorm/housing fee.


Summit International School of Ministry reserves the right to amend fees and tuition at its discretion.

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