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Take one month to go deeper and strengthen your faith.

Summit’s convenient and engaging online enrichment courses are designed specifically for a virtual learning environment!

Enrichment courses cover a broad range of topics, though all are connected to our three core curricula: Bible, Theology, and Ministry. Not a budding theologian? Don’t worry -- courses are designed to appeal to a wide spectrum of learning levels. Summit's Enrichment courses are a great tool for your Small Group, Christian School, Homeschool Group, Personal Bible Study, and more. 

Highlights include:

  • Flexible lecture style, plan your learning time to fit your schedule. Move through the content as quickly or slowly as you'd like.

  • High-quality course teaching videos.

  • Participate in worksheets and assignments without stress – you are not being graded!

Get a taste of what a Summit Online Enrichment Course is like by watching the preview above.

Two ways to experience Summit OEC.

First of all, each of our courses are available to purchase outright in two packages:

Purchasing a course outright means you're purchasing just the course content. You can complete the course at your own pace and there is no live instructor participation or class video calls.

Teacher Package: This purchase is designed for the teacher, small group leader, parent, etc... but can be purchased by anyone looking for the full course experience! Videos can be shown in groups but not distributed. Handouts and learning activities may be distributed, so long as it is at no cost to the student.


This package includes:

  • Lecture Videos – Summit courses come with sixteen HD lecture videos, each one approximately fifteen minutes in length.

  • Handouts/Slides – Each lecture is accompanied by a PDF handout or collection of slides used for presentation.

  • Learning Activities – Premade discussion questions, assignments, and quizzes give teachers an edge in jumpstarting student engagement.


Student Package: The purchase is designed for an individual looking to experience our classes individually or as a student enrolled in a course taught by an instructor requiring access to Summit’s curriculum.

This package includes:

  • Lecture Videos – Summit courses come with sixteen HD lecture videos, each one approximately fifteen minutes in length.


Secondly, once a year, select courses are available live with instructor participation.

These live courses you need to register for in advance, involve a virtual classroom, flexible schedule, and class video calls with your instructor.

Enrollment will reopen for Live Enrichment Courses in the Spring of 2025.


Enrollment for these live courses is now open:

  • The Way of the Prophet

  • Armed with Iron: Preparing for and Responding to Spiritual Battles

  • The Spirit of the Story

(Scroll down for class descriptions)


Class Descriptions

The Way of the Prophets

Jensy Acosta

The prophets are important figures in the Bible. These figures are responsible for composing a good portion of the holy writ. However, how much do we know about their place in society, especially the society of ancient Israel? In addition to this question, additional questions arise concerning the prophets as these which follow: 1) Were the prophets eccentric futurists who were often in their rooms entertaining visions from God? 2) Were the prophets of the priestly class, or some other class in Israel? 3) Did the office and gift of the prophet and prophecy end with the advent of our Lord Jesus Christ? 4) How can ascertaining the role and the way of the prophets enrich our lives in the 21st century? In this course, we will tackle these questions and more to faithfully understand the prophets and their way. As a result, this course should be regarded as both a Biblical Studies Course and a Ministry Course.

Armed With Iron: Preparing for and Responding to Spiritual Battles

Dr. Dan Sheard

This course on spiritual warfare will cover 16 characters in the Bible who lived and triumphed with power and victory over hatred, enemies, hypocritical people, loss of a spouse, failure, personal compromise, demonic oppression, family burdens, and a host of other seemingly impossible obstacles. The scope of study will be people who were surrounded by hardships yet simultaneously lived effective and vibrant spiritual lives. What can we learn from Jesus, David, Paul, Ruth, and other chosen people about crushing satanic attacks in personal ways? We will walk together through clear and effective principles of spiritual warfare by looking at the details of their faith in a living and mighty God. These people were tremendously weak and human, sometimes even given to mistakes and failures, yet God gave them victory out of their weaknesses. God wants you to live in deliverance, not simply dabble in it.

Leadership Development

Josiah DeRoos

Students will be introduced to leadership studies through examining biblical, practical, and personal 

leadership models. The course combines a study of organizational structure and processes while emphasizing the importance of the leader’s character. Additionally, the course addresses personal and spiritual formation methods, and analyzes strategies for better communication in ministry and the workplace.

Transformational Ministry: Personal, Missional,

Thomas Jones

This course will examine authentic transformation from a gospel centric perspective. The gospel at its core is a message of transformation. How does the individual believer experience the promise of transformation resident in the gospel message? How do communities and congregations experience the promise of transformation? How do transformed believers minster transformation to others? This course will explore how, and provide practical tools in these vital areas of ministry.

The Spirit of the Story: Knowing the Holy Spirit
Through the Whole Bible

Nik Godshall

There has never been a generation in which God’s people did not need the power of His Spirit. The assertion of this course is that throughout the Bible, the Holy Spirit is often at the forefront of the divine work to advance the Kingdom of God against the powers of evil. This victorious advance finds its ultimate expression in Jesus the Messiah and His triumph over evil. The Messiah’s victory is now continued by the Spirit through Messiah’s people, and always in ways that reflect the Spirit’s activity seen throughout the biblical narrative. This pattern of activity seen before, during, and after Jesus’ victory shows that it is essential for the Messiah’s people to understand that they are fully participant in the Spirit’s work of divine conquest and thus, fully participant in His Kingdom-advancing power. The Spirit comes upon Christians to make them living threats to the powers of evil.

Introduction to Preaching

Dr. Dan Sheard

The central concerns of this course are the elements of sermon-writing and the spiritual aspects of biblical preaching. The importance of thorough study and coherent application from Scripture will be explored alongside the necessity of sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading. In that respect, a chief aim of the course is to end the artificial divide between spirituality and practicality in sermon preparation and preaching. Everything involved in both preparing and presenting a sermon is all part of a holy process through which the preacher can fulfill their obligation of care, compassion, and conviction to their audience.

Truth in Story: Exploring the Bible’s Narratives

Tim Williams

Because the Bible tells one story about one God, it is no surprise that the same themes appear throughout the 66 books of the Canon. One of the most potent ways in which these themes manifest is narrative—whether history, parable, or poetry, the Bible repeatedly uses story to convey propositional truth about God, His ways, and His relationship with humanity. This course endeavors to explore the appearance and function of the Bible’s major theological themes in various Old and New Testament narratives. In so doing, students will discover how these ancient narratives still bear relevance and authority in our lives today.

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