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High School Friends

High School Gap Year



Know what you believe, know why you believe it. 

Summit's gap year program is an 8-month experience designed for students who have recently graduated high school and are planning to attend college, but want to pause and invest time at Summit learning to defend their faith in a college setting.


The year between high school and college is critical; many young people find their faith not only be challenged, but treated with hostility in today’s social climate.

Gap year students will be fully immersed into campus life; spending time in classes, chapels and student events. Discussion times focus on effectively sharing and maintain your testimony. As Christians, we are called to stand out from the crowd! Our hope is that our gap year students leave our doors equipped to defend what they believe, excited to talk to their friends and peers about Jesus, and ready to disciple those who want to take that next step. 

Smiling Teenage Boy
  • Develop Christian friendships and mentorships that last

  • Discuss current social events through a Biblical worldview

  • Understand the Bible 

  • Learn not to be led, but to lead in the confidence of who you are in Christ


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