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A Timely Message from R.T. Kendall

Each time our dear friend and resident theologian R.T. Kendall visits Summit, his messages resonate deeply. His words are not a mere sermon but a profound call to action; a challenge and an invitation to embark on a journey of learning from the ultimate Teacher – Jesus Christ.

In his most recent chapel visit, he reminded students of Jesus' timeless invitation and command to learn from Him. Jesus' invitation goes beyond mimicry - it's a beckoning to come, to take His yoke, and to keep learning from Him. He emphasized the privilege of having Jesus personally extend this invitation to learn directly from Himself through His Word. "The next great awakening," he highlighted, "won't rely on spiritual superstars but on people like you who earnestly seek to learn from Jesus."

He shared some personal stories illustrating the dedication and commitment required to please God, even when it means standing alone or sacrificing personal recognition. He emphasized that true wisdom, authority, and fearlessness come from the Holy Spirit, not merely from academic pursuits.

As chapel came to a close, he left us with the comforting assurance that God's timing is perfect and that our ultimate joy comes from knowing we've pleased Him. He encouraged us to seek rest in Jesus, finding assurance in His authority, and delighting in His pleasure above all else.

Let us embrace the challenge to continually learn from Jesus, to prioritize His Word above all else, and to find our greatest joy in pleasing Him alone. Thank you R.T. Kendall, for your continued time, your wisdom, and for sharing these profound insights with us.


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