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Summit Sabbatical

The dictionary describes a sabbatical as, “a break or change from normal routine” or “an extended period of leave from one’s customary work, especially for rest, to acquire new skills or training”.


Step away for a season to refresh, refocus, and reset. 

Summit Sabbatical is an 8-month individualized Summit experience, tailored to a select number of adult learners who choose to take this brief season to engage their minds, skills, and energy toward God’s purpose in their lives.
The Sabbatical experience gives individuals and families the freedom to study and seek the Lord, as well as the opportunity to be poured into by teachers and mentors who walk alongside them during their journey.
Sabbatical is a time of growth, clarity, and transformation. Auditing classes, one-on-one connections, group discussions, study, reflection, and times of prayer give sabbatical students the knowledge base and tools to be effective wherever Christ may lead.

“The Summit Sabbatical program was a leap of faith for me; to walk away from the normal routines and busyness of life and work and focus on the most important relationship I have: with the Father.  It gave me a unique opportunity to recalibrate, reprioritize and be refreshed .”


                                                                            Yoon-Hee Kim, 2019


Career professionals, pastors, ministry leaders, teachers, and applicants with compelling life stories that fall outside the bracket of our traditional program are a few examples of the type of student that may choose to apply for this unique year of study.

The sabbatical experience is curated to each student's unique situation. If you think our sabbatical program might be right for you, we would be happy to talk to you today and help you get started with your application.


The Summit Sabbatical experience is selective and does not exceed  8-12 students per year. Applicants must be residents of the United States.

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