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At Summit we emphasize knowing God, not just learning about Him.

As we spend time in prayer, worship and the Word, we recognize that transformation comes through the presence of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. During chapels, devotional times, pause week and times of prayer, we give space to let God do what only He can do. There is a transformative change that happens when what we learn about Jesus in the classroom becomes real in our everyday lives.

To see you thrive in the knowledge of who you are in Christ is our greatest success.

small school


Our small size gives individuals access to faculty and staff, and it is not uncommon for us to know each other personally. We encourage and foster individual teaching and mentorship moments inside and outside of the classroom. 

We are invested in your spiritual, academic and future success. Because we know students personally, we are able to offer personalized references or recommendations for post-graduate ministry, internship, or job opportunities specifically curated to your unique talents. All around the world, Summit graduates are making an impact for Jesus in their careers and communities.

"I believe no other place but Summit could have prepared me more...If you hear Him calling you to something, don't hesitate."
Cole Davey, Class of '16


We are constantly bombarded by messages from social media, the news, other people, sometimes even our own hearts, telling us who we should be, what we are worth, and how we should think. 

In the midst of this, God desires to speak truth. Setting aside smartphones, social media and the pressure of romantic relationships turns down the internal noise and creates space for you to focus on things that matter most. 

Summit is fully-immersive, meaning we are not a typical “Monday to Friday” school. You will spend most of your time on campus, with the exception of things like ministry outings, missions trips or getaway weekends. The friendships that are built in this unique atmosphere are something students carry with them for a lifetime.

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