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Thank You For Praying With Us

On Tuesday, October 6th, 2020, the Times Square Church Worldwide Prayer Meeting was live-streamed from Lot #1, America in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the site of the first house in America and where the 51 pilgrims who survived the first winter after landing on the Mayflower, prayed and covenanted with God.

This year marks the 400th anniversary of that fateful landing, and, as Pastor Carter Conlon explains, “God called us back to Plymouth, our spiritual roots, to ask for forgiveness and believe Him for a mercy moment for our nation at this pivotal time.”

Dr. Conlon, President of Summit, took part in this historic prayer event, praying specifically for colleges and college-aged students. It was encouraging and inspiring to see several Summit alumni standing outside lot #1 to pray along. Hundreds of churches and tens of thousands of people joined online from all over the world to pray. God is truly beginning a prayer movement across our nation and the world. As a school, we are filled with anticipation and eager to join in prayer during this pivotal moment in time.

To watch the prayer event, and to pray along with us for our country, visit


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