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New TSC Easter Film Featuring Summit Alumni

Easter is a story of hope. It’s the story of a Man who died for the ones He loved.

We are excited to share with you that Times Square Church is releasing an original film this Easter titled, “Three Days Later.” Johnathan Hudson, Summit class of 2015, stars as Peter in the film, which imagines the three days following the death of Christ.

The film description says, “Jesus was a perfect person. He spent three years of His life healing the sick, befriending the ostracized and comforting the hurting. At the same time, He mentored a few close friends, teaching them about the kingdom of heaven. Nothing man could do would ever be good enough to appease a perfect God. However, because God loved man so much, He would send His Son to them, and this Son would die for their mistakes.

Dozens of people accepted Jesus’ message and saw Him for who He was, that Son of God. Dozens turned into thousands as people followed Him wherever He went to hear and be healed by Him, until one day, He was accused of blaspheming God. Without any real wrongdoing, he was executed, nailed to a cross. His dead body was put into a tomb and a large stone was rolled in to block the entrance.

All who loved Him and followed Him were dejected and questioned His teachings. But when all hope was lost, something miraculous happened. Three days later, on Easter morning, three women came to the tomb to prepare His body for burial but found instead that Jesus Christ was alive! He overpowered death and through that gave us an eternal hope. A hope that one day we will be reunited with a perfect God despite our imperfection, not because of something we did but because He loves us enough to bridge the gap.”

As TSC’s Bible school we are excited to watch, and of course, to see one of our own participating in this awesome film project!

See how you can participate and watch the film at


Unknown member
Apr 16, 2021

I want to applaud the music at Summit. Just listened to the dmusic on the links ( Thick and Thin) and watched Jesus Savior video. I love the focus there on Christian Arts. I want to encourage you all to continue making music and dance and theater productions for the Glory of God! Beautiful!!!


Unknown member
Apr 16, 2021

Congratulations on a wonderful production! Peter was great as was all the cast. Very well done!!

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