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New! Summit Introduces High School Gap Year

We have a very exciting announcement - Summit is introducing a High School Gap Year program this fall for students who just graduated high school in 2021!

This program is for students who are planning to attend college but want to pause and invest 8-months at Summit learning to defend their faith in a college setting, all while developing Christian friendships and mentorships that will be so important during those college years.

We feel this year between high school and college is critical because Christian thought and a Biblical worldview is being systematically pushed out of many post-secondary schools and college institutions. Many young people will find that their faith will not only be challenged in these settings but treated with hostility in today’s social climate.

We are really going to dive into the heart of what it means to be a follower of Christ, discussing current social events through a Biblical worldview an empowering young people to stand as Christians in environments that can sometimes feel intimidating.

Gap year students will spend time in classes, chapels and discussion times; learning to effectively share and maintain their testimony. We will teach them not to be led, but to lead in the confidence of who they are in Christ. As Christians, we are called to be different. Regardless of what the world might tell this generation, a transformative relationship with Jesus Christ is the answer they are searching for. We want our Gap Year students to leave our doors equipped to defend what they believe, excited to talk to their friends and peers about Jesus, and to ready to disciple those who want to take that next step.

Applications for this program open today, and spaces are limited, so I encourage you to apply soon! Please share this with the recent high school graduates in your life, and if you are a high school class of 2021 yourself, I hope you will consider coming on the journey with us this fall.


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