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30 Years of

In 1994 David Wilkerson, founder of Times Square Church, established TSC's Bible school with the vision of empowering and equipping individuals for effective ministry. Today, we celebrate the fruits of what was planted 30 years ago as Summit continues to grow, evolve, and impact people around the world. 

Three decades on, Summit remains a lighthouse for truth in a society built on ever-changing ideologies. We are not called to be mirrors that reflect the culture around us, but to be lit from within with the love of Jesus and the truth of our identity in Christ.  


As we enter our 30th year, we are excited to introduce more online enrichment courses, expand our gap year and sabbatical programs, and continue to cultivate Summit's core two-year program, which remains the heart of the Summit experience.


This year will be marked with celebration, as we continue to reflect on the faithfulness of God and look forward to all that He has in store for our future. While many institutions find themselves choosing between compromise or closing their doors, God has faithfully sustained us, reminding us that we have been called for such a time as this.

If you would like to celebrate with us in person, we would like to invite you to two of our upcoming events: 


  • Summit’s Annual Revival Services - February 22-23 

  • Summit Youth Conference - April 5-6 


In this milestone year, we would love it if you would save these dates and come celebrate with us! Let’s pass the lit torch to this next generation. The world needs them, and you and I have been called to raise them up. 


The Next 30 Years

As we commemorate 30 years of transformation, we need your support to ensure the continued growth and impact of Summit. Your financial contribution will play a vital role in sustaining Summit's mission, enabling us to provide scholarships, support operations, and equip students to defend their faith and shine a light for Jesus wherever they go. 


Your giving goes a long way at Summit. Keeping tuition at a fraction of our break-even cost may seem counterintuitive, but our mission is to support those who feel called to pursue life in Christ, regardless of income. 

Pastor Carter Conlon, General Overseer of TSC, shares his heart

regarding the future of Summit.

A breakdown of our financial model:



(approximate break-even cost to
attend Summit for one year)



what we charge
(includes tuition + room & board)



(percentage of students who
receive additional scholarship money)

Help us keep Summit affordable for everyone. Consider a monthly gift of $30 or more to the Summit Fund, which endeavors to raise $1.5 million dollars annually.

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