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Taking ‘The 260 Journey’ in 2021

Recently, during a sermon at TSC, Pastor Tim Dilena mentioned the quote, “God is great at being good.” How true that rings for 2021! As we reflect on this past semester, we are in awe of His goodness. He has kept us and will continue to keep us in the days ahead.

As we launch into this new year, we welcome students back to a spring semester like none other. During this moment in history it is imperative, perhaps more than ever, that students leave our doors understanding the goodness of God and the truth of His word.

One of the things we are excited about this year is the release of Pastor Tim’s new devotional book called, “The 260 Journey”. It is a Bible companion that delves into the New Testament, one chapter at a time, walking through the entire New Testament in 260 days. The neat thing is that if you read one chapter a day, Monday through Friday, you will finish the study in one year. We love this concept and we are excited to introduce this resource to our students and staff. One of the foundational elements of a student’s time a Summit is learning to develop a deep, meaningful devotional life. We can’t wait to get started!

We hope you are inspired this year to dig deeper into God’s word! You will be amazed at His goodness. From all of us over here in Pennsylvania, we wish you a joyful, healthy and wonderful 2021. We pray the Lord bless you and keep you this year. And hey, if you want to follow along with our devotional journey, you can do that by buying the book on Amazon or, or following the devotionals on


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