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We Love You Pastor Carter!

As most of you know, this month Pastor Carter transitioned his role from Senior Pastor to General Overseer of Times Square Church. We are so honored to have been recipients of his 26 years of faithful service. As the Bible school of Times Square Church, we have gleaned directly from his leadership and support.

One of the benefits of his transition will be the increased amount of time we get to spend with him at Summit! This coming year, Pastor Carter will be spending more time on campus than ever; pouring into the lives of students and speaking in classes and seminars when time allows. The few times we had him on campus last year, it wasn’t uncommon to see him walking the campus talking with students between classes or after chapels. The spiritual insight, mentorship and leadership he brings is invaluable – we can’t wait for this next chapter! (Now if we can get Pastor Carter and Pastor Tim Dilena out here this fall for a student Q&A session…hmm…the possibilities are endless!)

We love you Pastor Carter and we are so grateful for all you do!

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