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Registration Open for Summer OEC

How can I become a godly leader in today’s social climate? What does authentic transformation look like? How do transformed believers in Christ minster to others?

Summit is launching our summer series of online enrichment classes, digging beneath the surface on important topics and questions like these. As Christ followers, we are invited to live out the hope of the gospel message every day. These four-week courses are designed to come alongside your faith journey and strengthen your understanding of who Jesus is calling you to be.

Summer courses run in four-week sessions for the months of June, July, and August. Sign up for one month -- or all three! Details and registration open now at

“As a working professional, and someone who loves serving in ministry, I wanted to take some Bible courses but was always concerned about the workload. Summit online enrichment courses allowed a range of possibilities for involvement. The workload remained in my control allowing me to simply enjoy the class recordings, or deep dive into the assignments when time allowed. Perfect design for working professionals. Highly recommend.” – Tamara, NYC


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