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It's Time To Pray!

Things are a little different at Summit these days. As we hit the mid-way point in our Spring semester, much has had to change, update, or rearrange. We have had to re-think plans, come up with creative solutions, and figure out new ways of being physically distant while remaining socially and spiritually connected. Our favorite phrase recently has been, “the core is more!”

While we navigate this unique season, something inspiring is happening in our student body. Spontaneous prayer meetings and moments of worship are popping up all over campus! Students have been leading the charge, thanking the Lord for his faithfulness, and praying for each other and our nation. It isn’t uncommon to find students praying and praising God into the evenings in their dorms and lounge areas. And they are having a great time too! In spite of all that has evolved because of the pandemic, the most important and precious thing remains; the peace and presence of God.

Will you join us in prayer? We have been hearing messages from Pastor Carter Conlon and Pastor Tim Dilena over the past couple of months, fervently encouraging us to pray. And let me tell you, at Summit, it is making all the difference.

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