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New Music From Summit!

Summit has released a new original song, “Thick and Thin” written and produced by Bennett Hughes and Joey Sommers, recorded at Summit’s campus recording studio. This upbeat, anthemic song is a reminder that our trust is in Christ who holds us through every situation.

Bennett and Joey teach songwriting and audio production at Summit. Ben says, “This song came from a devotion I read in Psalm 62. There is a line in verse 11 and 12 that says ‘God has spoken once, twice I have heard this; power belongs to God. Also, to You, Oh Lord, belongs mercy.’ That line really amazed me. That was the creative spark. Being intentional about staying close to the Lord can see you through anything. At times there is a desperation in the lyrics, it’s a plea with the Lord, but then it goes right back to ‘You are my rock and my strength’”.

Joey agrees and says, “The genre of music we chose for the song plays into that. It’s a carefree rock song and I think the carefree nature of the song really reinforces that rest and trust we have in God.”

The relevance of “Thick and Thin” translates more than ever during this poignant moment in history. Summit’s accompanying lyric video for the song includes candid moments of students arriving on campus; embracing this unusual season, finding their joy, and choosing to trust.

I will trust in you Through thick and thin When these walls go up I will keep you near

‘Cause you hold the world in your hands And nothing can stand against Our fighter fights on for us I will trust in Him

“Thick and Thin” is available September 29 wherever you listen to music. The lyric video can be found beginning October 2 on Summit’s YouTube channel.


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