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Christmas Letter From Dr. Conlon

Dear Students, Alumni and Friends of Summit -

In the fall of 1863, in the midst of a Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln announced that the nation would pause for a day of thanks on the fourth Thursday in November, making the annual tradition an official holiday. Given the circumstances the country faced, a celebration of thanks may have seemed misplaced. But, to many, there was a fundamental understanding of God’s character that stirred them to thank Him, to pray, and to ask for His mercy in the gravest of circumstances.

Remember this - the enemy fears a people who choose to rejoice and choose to be grateful in a time of great difficulty. The power of praise and thanksgiving can give us renewed vision for the future. And that is why, no matter if the times be good or bad, we as the people of God can be rallied to remember His faithfulness and give thanks.

God is good! He will give us the grace to endure, to proclaim, and to live in the miraculous. I have seen, year after year, the Lord pour out His spirit on this next generation. They are rising and they are not deterred. They have faced much uncertainty yet remain joyful and steadfast; with eyes set forward and hearts filled with hope. Let us follow their example. The best is yet to come.

From our Summit family to yours, may your Christmas season be filled with thankfulness, joy, and peace. The Lord is with you and He loves you very much.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Teresa Conlon President


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