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Summit’s convenient and engaging online enrichment courses are designed specifically for a virtual learning environment!

Enrichment courses cover a broad range of topics, though all are connected to our three core curricula: Bible, Theology, and Ministry. Not a budding theologian? Don’t worry -- courses are designed to appeal to a wide spectrum of learning levels. Each course is 4 weeks in length, and individual sessions will be delivered via lecture videos each week.

Highlights include:

  • Flexible lecture style, plan your learning time to fit your schedule 

  • Optional live interaction with your teacher and others taking the course with you

  • Participate in learning activities and assignments without stress – you are not being graded!

The Spirit of the Story

February 6 – March 5

Nik Godshall

There has never been a generation in which God’s people did not need the power of His Spirit. The contention of this course is that Scripture, from beginning to end, frequently presents the Spirit of God as at the forefront of the divine work to reclaim creation from the powers of evil by advancing the Kingdom of God. It is absolutely critical for the Church to understand that the Spirit makes her fully participant in this work of divine conquest and thus, fully participant in His power. In this sense, much of the Spirit’s activity in Scripture is meant to be the activity of the Spirit in everyday life. The Spirit comes upon us to make us dangerous, living threats to the powers of evil.


Armed with Iron

February 6 – March 5

Dr. Dan Sheard

This course on spiritual warfare will cover 12 characters in the Bible who lived and triumphed with power and victory over hatred, enemies, hypocritical people, loss of a spouse, failure, personal compromise, demonic oppression, family burdens, and a host of other seemingly impossible obstacles. The scope of study will be people who were surrounded by hardships yet simultaneously lived effective and vibrant spiritual lives. What can we learn from Jesus, David, Paul, Ruth, and other chosen people about crushing satanic attacks in personal ways? We will walk together through clear and effective principles of spiritual warfare by looking at the details of their faith in a living and mighty God. These people were tremendously weak and human, sometimes even given to mistakes and failures, yet God gave them victory out of their weaknesses. God wants you to live in deliverance, not simply dabble in it.