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Take one month to go deeper and strengthen your faith.

Summit’s convenient and engaging online enrichment courses are designed specifically for a virtual learning environment!

Enrichment courses cover a broad range of topics, though all are connected to our three core curricula: Bible, Theology, and Ministry. Not a budding theologian? Don’t worry -- courses are designed to appeal to a wide spectrum of learning levels. Each course is 4 weeks in length, and individual sessions will be delivered via lecture videos each week.

Highlights include:

  • Flexible lecture style, plan your learning time to fit your schedule 

  • Optional live interaction with your teacher and others taking the course with you

  • Participate in learning activities and assignments without stress – you are not being graded!

Truth in Story: Exploring the Bible's Narratives 

July 30th - Aug 27th 2023

Tim Williams

Because the Bible tells one story about one God, it is no surprise that the same themes appear throughout the 66 books of the Canon. One of the most potent ways in which these themes manifest is narrative—whether history, parable, or poetry, the Bible repeatedly uses story to convey propositional truth about God, His ways, and His relationship with humanity. This course endeavors to explore the appearance and function of the Bible’s major theological themes in various Old and New Testament narratives. In so doing, students will discover how these ancient narratives still bear relevance and authority in our lives today.


Introduction to Preaching

July 30th - Aug 27th 2023

Dr. Daniel Sheard

The central concerns of this course are the elements of sermon-writing and the spiritual aspects of biblical preaching. The importance of thorough study and coherent application from Scripture will be explored alongside the necessity of sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading. In that respect, a chief aim of the course is to end the artificial divide between spirituality and practicality in sermon preparation and preaching. Everything involved in both preparing and presenting a sermon is all part of a holy process through which the preacher can fulfill their obligation of care, compassion, and conviction to their audience.


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