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Missions Week

A different kind of spring break

Students lay aside their school responsibilities for one week and travel to several locations along the East Coast, giving hands-on help to organizations that need it most.

“Missions week was the best week of my life. I fell in love with helping people. It was here that I decided to give my life for full time ministry.”
- Ajay Kunarasa, ‘16
“I found during Missions Week that our school Motto, living for the benefit of others is not just a theme of our school, it's a foundational truth all over scripture."
- Moses Garcia, '17
“During missions week, I was able to understand the love of God for people like never before. This helped me understand what the cross of Jesus truly means."
- Julia Rodriguez, '18
International Trips
Summit worship teams host Ireland's annual "Summer Fire" conference 
Students and alumni travel to Medellin, Colombia to teach the gospel through sports



Music at Summit


Workshops & Seminars

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