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Our library consists of over 20,000 + books, reference materials, biographies, magazines, and other notable resources. It is also equipped with a computer lab for our students. Students often use this space for study and research as well as personal reading time, devotions, and mail check.



We have a full-size gymnasium with basketball and volleyball courts. Two additional weight rooms include free weights, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, treadmills, and cable machines.

Running Shoes

Running Track 

Our outdoor gravel running track is a favorite spot for sunny afternoon walk and jogs!


Parks & Trails 

We are located adjacent to Memorial Lake State Park which has hiking trails, picnic areas, fishing, and small boat rental facilities. We are also about one mile from the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which includes scenic hiking trails.


Social Events

We don’t just celebrate during orientation and welcome week, we also have frequent and random events like open-mic or game nights at our coffee shop, music events, holiday parties, off-campus trips and more. The freshman and senior student council groups plan numerous events throughout the year to keep students connected and having a good time.


Studio Nights 

Our campus recording studio hosts a number of evening events where students and music staff hang out, play instruments, throw around song ideas, and generally have a grand old time.


Sporting Events

Our campus is equipped with two separate workout gyms. One for each gender. We also have a gym space that is set up as a basketball court and can be transformed into a space with two volleyball nets. The main gym is also completed with a bleacher system for viewing sport competitions. 

Latte Art

Rooster's Coffee Shop

On our campus, we also have a coffee shop that is opened to the students throughout the entire week where we provide high-quality products for purchase. Our menu options vary seasonally with espresso bevrages, drip coffee, and tea to both savory and sweet snacks treats. Hours vary daily and are adjusted to the student schedule.

Salad Bar Veggies 1 copy.jpg



Your First Year

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